Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Fingerprint Smart Lock

Ultraloq is a Bluetooth Enabled Smart Lock with a Fingerprint reader, Touchscreen, and Highly Secure PIN pad. The Ultraloq UL3 Smart Lock is Keyless and turns your mobile phone into your key for your home.

Ultraloq Smart Lock http://amzn.to/2E30qyC

Smart locks offer remote unlocking, unlocking with Bluetooth using your smartphone. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint scan and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lock. Some of the best wifi smart locks are the Schlage Connect, August Smart Lock, Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock, Samsung SHS-3321 and August Kwikset Kevo, PIN Genie, and Titan Locks

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Ultraloq is peep proof. The touchscreen PIN pad prevents others from copying your PIN so that your home remains secure. The Ultraloq has Built-in Bluetooth allowing you to lock and unlock door from your smartphone.

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Apu Nahasapeemapetilon says:

es hora de sacar el ganso

Nab Chap says:

even how many times l see this, l still can’t remember how. anybody knows why?

Pennywise The Dancing Clown says:

That’s one way to get view, followers, subscribers and a lock!

Apacaveli Tha Don says:

cutiepie teaching Us how to install stuff how adoreable

Randall Franz says:

Anika, will you marry me ?

DIY David says:

Ladies, you make me want that lock. Actually, I do really like it. Great review, and it’s awesome that you show the “how to” for installation. And that installation was pretty memorable. Even though I don’t have the lock yet, I might have to watch that installation 6 or 7 more times.
Truly: great, thorough review. Informative install. Oh yeah, and you ladies are smokin’! ! !

mike wilson says:

Holy crap, are you kidding me? Genius!

magerageful says:

Lock?………What Lock?,……………….. . .

Randall Franz says:

I’ll keep watching your channel until I need glasses. I’ll stop after that. I promise.

Seth Williams says:

Gorgeous. Who cares about the locks.

Want One Now says:

Gotta admire these ladies. I’ve never been this excited about locks. I like the one with the finger print but I may need Anika to help me install it. Girl knows how to hold a Dewalt

Ian Rak says:

Lock…right….lock…I’m sorry…what ?

benefactionhindrance says:

Anika be my valentines ❤️

juan cebrian del rey says:

No me e enterado de nada de todo el cideo solo e podido ver las tetas de esa guarra

coconut beach says:

Wowwww Sexy Babe ♥

Thomas says:

I like these. I would still keep a traditional key and lock on top of one of these. But doing yard work or just out in the neighborhood the fingerprint sensor sounds nice.

Fusion2016 says:

Great video ladies and looking beautiful as usual! Keep the videos coming!

Nadim Alam says:

Not ashamed to say that i skipped forward right to when Anika came 😀 Girl where that same dress in all your videos 🙂

Mule Blues says:

Had to watch this 6x’s to understand what she’s doing.

DeathGun_ow says:

I rly like the girl at the very right at the intro part

ronak says:

More advance version at 10:20

JT says:

How am I just stumbling upon this? My first video, a quick comment read, and I jump to 7:28 to learn about lock installs. Not sure what Iearned there; instead, I found myself wishing for strong gusts of wind while mesmerized by A’s…erm, skill with the drill, yeah that’s it. And a channel junkie is created. 😛

Raziel Valdez says:

I like that yal give tips

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