Yale Assure Lock SL – an awesome HomeKit Smart Lock! [9to5Mac]

The Yale Assure SL is a HomeKit-enabled Smart Lock that features a touch screen keypad. Amazon: https://amzn.to/2udKdpH
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Space Good 1017 says:


MrBlaq says:

Awesome! Now is it possible to remote lock or unlock? Let’s say I’m driving down the street and I realized I forgot to lock the door?

Ixy05 says:


kikokazuma says:

If it ain’t Z-wave or Zigbee it don’t matter.

Vct4 says:

Nice lock, but your doors security provided me a week amount of cringe

Justine Andres says:

That is so cool❤️

oulhou dades للمعلوميات says:

Can you send me someone to Morocco

DannyDDK says:

Couldn’t you just narrow down the passcode from the fingerprint stains

Lochie Battersby says:

Can you do a video on a smart lock that goes over a deadbolt

Bobby Tumpak says:

when will someone make one of these for apartments

Michael Archer says:

iPhoneX has been out for a while, their App not even updated to support the screen is a worry. My mind says if people don’t spend the half a day to support the latest device they are not worth looking at.

The one-time passcode is what would be needed. also if someone tries the wrong code you need a notification. Wasn’t clear if this supported.

Rodrigo Huichalao says:

Does it keep a log of the different passcodes (people) that have opened it?

harjot singh says:

Thanks for the mention apartment. A

Ray Nelson says:


DJ L says:

Just got this. Love it! Way better than my 3rd Gen August Locks. So happy I switched

Siim Kuusik says:

I got the Kwikset Premis used for $90 and it is more fully featured than this thing.

Bilawal Khadim بلاول خادم says:

Is there any website like filehippo(for windows free apps) for MacBook pro

Terry Rodbourn says:

I’m sorry but manual locks are still my go to for the future! A hack able lock device doesn’t look to safe in my book!

Flores 828 says:

Should of just bought nest yale lock

Bob J says:

Jeff, what other lady cos have you reviewed? I really would like a key as a back up in case the lock craps out.

Hiddem PlayZ says:

Nice 18:9 video ru planning to transfer to 18:9?

Mikhail Kornienko says:

This is a huge issue waiting to happen if internal circuits break on you in a locked position though.. Backup battery won’t help at all and you’ll have to break into your own house. Some sort of mechanical backup is a must IMO… So basically this lock is only for “secondary” doors. Not if you have only one in your house.

Wayne says:

Awesome I love it

Dk King says:

Nice video bro.

Yong H says:

it remind me of Sony Ericsson W550

Sultan Almarashda says:

homekit please

Tom Williams says:

Just wanted to stop and say this video helped me not only decide which smart lock I wanted, but install the lock itself. I had this video looping on a nearby television while installing it. .. can almost quote it like a movie now. Just wanted to say thank you so much and this style video was easy to follow and had the best, most information for me.


FANG says:

Uuuhh… WHAT!?

Justin Ballew says:

hahaha raggedy door.

Tony Ferber says:

I have to wonder first and foremost if insurance companies will accept this as a valid lock for the door? I understand that they require a second lock, and if so, then what is the point, unless willing to install two, even if that is acceptable to them?

I did not see a demonstration of simply having the lock auto-function when walking up the the door without interacting with it, this a feature already present in competing products. And, the feature they did include of the emergency positive and negative terminals is well observed in the industry.

An immediate issue with this product would be peace of mind: if the door is locked or not? While the state of the bolt being extended may convince the lock, if the door is left open then the door is not actually locked. This of course can be remedied with a door/window sensor to tell if the door is aligned in the frame or not, but that really should be built into the lock itself, it’s just waiting to be abused.

The best feature, aside from an internal bridge, was the tapering on the bolt tip, I thought that was a good idea.

Kelly Williams says:

If someone destroys the pad from the outside…you are a$$out!

panosmp says:


hassan khokhar says:

Can you still open it like a normal lock from the inside?

manifest 73 says:

Save your money and get Schlage high security dead bolt. This lock only adds convenience not any more security.

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