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Locksmith Video “How to Open a Kwikset Smart Key Lock in 10 seconds.” To purchase the Smart / Dumb Key Force Tool http://mrlocksmithtraining.com/mr-prolock-kw1-smart-key-lock-force-tool-dumb-key-force-tool/ The Weiser Smart Key and Kwikset Smart key locks can be opened almost as quick as you can put your key into the lock. Several manufacturers sell tools to open the Smart […]

The Kwikset Kevo Review, Bluetooth Lock: http://silvereaglelocksmith.com http://kevo.doorsecuritytipsusa.com Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt – Features And Facts The Kwikset Kevo lock is without a doubt one of the best in the market. Its perfect combination of high tech security and convenience is what makes people such huge fans. Below are a few other features of […]

Protect Your Van From Thieves | Mr. Locksmith Video For further information and order go to Mr. Locksmith http://automotivelocksmiths.com/ Great Security Product to protect your service truck. We use it on our Mr. Locksmith Vans. Call 604-259-7617 to book an appointment for installation. We have Slick Lock Kits for the following: Ford Econoline Hinged Door […]

Abloy Deadbolts and Master Keying | Mr. Locksmith™ Video For further information go to http://mrlocksmith.com/ Today we are going to talk about my favorite deadbolt which is the Abloy Deadbolt as well as master keying. I like this deadbolt so much, it is installed on my house. I am paranoid, I admit it, I always […]

Abloy High Security Key Control | Mr. Locksmith™ Video For further information go to http://mrlocksmith.com/ Today, we are going to talk about key control by using high-security Abloy keys that can’t be duplicated or unauthorized duplication. In the old days, you’d stamp a Kwikset key with do not copy but they could take the key […]

The Nightlock Door Barricade – http://silvereaglelocksmith.com/ Nightlock Brushed Nickel Color: http://nightlocksilver.doorsecuritytipsusa.com Nightlock Brass Color: http://nightlockgold.doorsecuritytipsusa.com Nightlock Dark Bronze Color: http://nightlockdark.doorsecuritytipsusa.com Nightlocks – The Best Kind of Security for Front Doors There is a dire need to be a step ahead in the security of our residential areas, schools, and workplaces because of the numerous unpleasant […]

Reinforce Door with Schlage Deadbolt Installation | Mr. Locksmith Video Go to http://www.mrlocksmith.com to learn more. We have so many break-ins in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland we call this the “Vancouver Special.”   The Mr. Locksmith “Vancouver Special” is a Schlage heavy-duty, commercial-grade deadbolt or High-Security Abloy of Schlage Primus Deadbolt. It could be […]

How to Open a Schlage Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock in Seconds | Mr. Locksmith™ Video. For further info go to http://mrlocksmith.com/how-to-open-a-schlage-keyless-touchscreen-deadbolt-lock-in-seconds-mr-locksmith-video/ Schlage or Schloge, or whatever you wanna call it, locks that are made for commercial purposes and businesses are fantastic. I don’t think there’s a single lock, electronic or regular lock, deadbolt key and […]

August Smart Lock Review | Mr. Locksmith Video. For further information go to http://mrlocksmith.com/ I was not impressed with the August Smart Lock. They did fix an earlier critical vulnerability security flaw that potentially allowed an intruder to use a mobile app to find an August lock, based on an identification number that Bluetooth devices […]